"Making Progress Is A Journey"


     ​MPJ Academy of Excellence was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn. MPJ Academy of Excellence is an urban community based organization whose mission is to ensure that everyone in the community has the ability to earn a high school diploma.  With this degree in hand, individuals are empowered to be self sufficiency and have economic resiliency. Over the past five years, our staff has helped more than 1500 students complete their high school diploma. As a result, these students have been able to enroll in major universities and colleges such as Everest Institute, Texas Southern University, University of Houston, Texas College of Business, and other schools in and out of the state of Texas. We love celebrating those victories with our students. Our staff consist of fully Texas Certified Teachers  These educators collectively have over 55 years of teaching experience in all grade levels. MPJ Academy of Excellence has an open door policy, which means it accepts all applicants with the ability to benefit from its programs.  We offer a nationally recognized curriculum that allows clients to matriculate through the coursework at their own pace.